Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. – OK State

One of my first projects, as a student designer back in 2008 was to design a logo and series of collateral pieces for my sorority at the state level. That design has evolved over the years.

The Visual

The beginning

This first logo is riddled with shadows and bevels and has a just because I can feel to it … REALLY doesn’t mean you should.

Once I began working on their website many, many moons later, I took a look at this and immediately decided that it could not be placed on the internet. Which means of course that the minute I wrote this article, I then promptly put it on the internet. At least I’m using it as an illustration of what not to do.  

This next iteration, which is what the website launched with, was a hastily crafted stop gap to get the site up and running but I committed to continue to rework it.

Right after the Midwestern Regional Conference in 2013, the sorority published its first visual standards guide. On my next rework, I drew vector artwork to clean up the dove.  I also colored the new artwork in the standardized blue noted in the style guide.

Update: September 2, 2013

This iteration had me creating a vector drawing of the state outline in addition to the previous work that I did on the dove.  
The development of the vector graphic work was prompted by the state director wanting to produce a t-shirt to sell on the state website.

This version does have much cleaner lines and being vector artwork, is infinitely resizable and will work well with different collateral pieces.  Moving the ZΦB off the state itself also served to enhanced the legibility of the artwork. 

Update: June 6, 2014

With the launch of the newly redesigned Oklahoma Zetas website, I took some time and did a rework into a wordmark.  The color scheme is in line with the nationally approved visual identity standards.   

Rather than place emphasis on the rather irregular state outline as a shape, this mark is better able to fit in a website header.  The state shape can still be added to the left of the word mark without trying to make the shape big enough to keep the lettering legible.  

Update: December 8, 2016

I developed this wordmark for the latest website iteration in 2016. It continues to be utilized at the time of this update.

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