Learn To Earn Logo

Learn to Earn is a regional tutoring business based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The owner, Al Smith, hired me to come up with a logo that was in line with the identity of the brand.

The Visual

My initial ideas for the business always included books and possibly a diploma to hone in on the core value that potential clients would be earning.  We didn’t want to leave room for customer confusion with the idea of earning money when the education is the reward here. 

After the first iteration, Mr. Smith wanted to also include an apple due to the symbolism between apples and teachers and in the end, he chose the design that best incorporated all of these things.

This was my first extensive use of Bohemian Coding’s Sketch application for illustration.  I was pleased with the outcome.  The program has a good variety of formats for exporting deliverable files, including pdf, svg, eps and psd.  Using the program was a delight when compared to more ubiquitous, non-Mac-native vector illustrating tools (you KNOW who you are).

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