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Get smart solutions when your work is just too much. . .work

So you think you want a website?  You’re right!  Every company should be engaging their customers in the digital space. Website Bootcamp solutions range from Do-It-Yourself (DIY) to full blown marketing & e-commerce. The thing that makes website bootcamp stand out from other solutions is that this service is crafted to educate, design and develop your website using a structured process that gets results.  So pencil me into your busy schedule and let’s get started!

Finishing School
Let's make a few adjustments

3 days to blastoff?
This program is great for an existing website that just needs a few tweaks to get it ready for prime time.

How does it work?

You already have a website. This website bootcamp includes two (2) training sessions designed to get your questions answered and get your site off the ground.

The WB discovery questionnaire will help you define the problems that are holding you back so that we can tackle them head on and inform your custom tutorial content.

Bootcamp Classic
Your 5 Day Project

A website in a week?
Website Bootcamp is the program to help you get just that!

How does it work?

With a few meetings and a little homework, this process is designed to provide you with designated time to define your pages, collect your content, & approve the design in just one week.

Bootcamp Extra
10 Days and you're done!

Why's this one take more time?
This is Website Bootcamp with an extra week to include add products and marketing information!

How does it work?

WB Extra still requires the meetings and homework, but this process includes a bit more time for use cases such as:

  • E-commerce,
  • Marketing automation,
  • Membership integration, &
  • Custom API integration

Bootcamp sounds interesting and all, but . . .

Website Bootcamp isn’t right for everyone, or for every project.

Get the most out of Website Bootcamp

Do you have an existing brand (logo, etc)?
Do you have text and images?
Do you know what products & services you offer?
Do you have time to develop & approve what you don’t already have in a few days?
Can you take decisive action in a short period of time and love those choices?

Did you answer “No” to any of those questions?

No worries! Let’s have a chat about developing a solution that will fit your situation.


Oh my! Custom web development is kinda pricey..

I believe that a truly optimized development solution should be available to businesses of all sizes.  You know…liberty, justice for all, & accessible web design for budget-conscious business owners. 🤩

WB DIY is structured to be a self-paced concierge experience with access to videos, download materials and worksheets to guide you through the development process, while providing a platform where you can ask questions and get answers.

Do It Yourself
Exploring your pioneer spirit!

Me? Build a website?
Yes you! Work at your own pace to build the website that you need at a much smaller budget.

How does it work?

My tutorials will take you through topics ranging from buying your domain, to setting up basic e-commerce or email marketing automation with Mailchimp, Active Campaign, or Infusionsoft by Keap.

Get access to help in the support forum, as well as a 10% discount to the 1-on-1 training program, Website Bootcamp Finishing School.

Coming Soon!

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