Website Bootcamp Classic

So what is Website Bootcamp?

Building websites is most likely not your day job. My day job is to give you the tools that you need to focus on [insert day job here]. 

Website Bootcamp n.

A short-term interactive training program to help you quickly broadcast your brand value, visuals, verbiage, goals, products and services so that we can both get to doing what we love.

My super high tech process is a series of worksheets – nothin’ fancy.  When you sign up for Website Bootcamp you get a little bit of homework,  a lot of attention to the details – your digital user experience, and yours truly to see you through from start to finish …and beyond.

How do I know if this one's for me?

Bootcamp Classic is designed for businesses that need a fairly basic website with some user interactivity and well-crafted workflows. This program is not designed for features beyond the following:

  • Blogging
    One single post template. One archive page template. Less than 10 non-blog pages.
  • E-Commerce
    One or two products, or services
  • Email Newsletter
    One or two groups and a Welcome
  • Sales Funnel
    Setting up the nuts and bolts of ONE customer experience
  • Online Course Creation
    One course of no more than 4 modules – includes webinar software recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our journey begins with a worksheet. . .

Whoo hoo! The stuff all great dreams are made of!

Seriously though.

My biz planning docs are pretty boss.  This workspace will act as the hub for your entire project. 

Step 1. Schedule your Collaboration Meeting

Block off up to three hours for a pretty short brand discovery meeting.  Think about it, how long did it take you to develop your brand??

Day 1. Collaborate

Now, then we’ve only got three (3) hours to

    • review your brand value, visuals, & verbiage
    • go over the search-ready words to always, always, always be thinking about for your biz, and lastly
    • wireframe those website words so we both have a clear idea of what you want to say and where

We will also use this time to answer your questions, refine your goals, & schedule your training [2] and launch meetings.

psst. Use the box down below to sign up ⬇

Day 2. Design

I will spend this day designing your site. I will check in at the end of the day to make sure things are on track and get feedback.

Day 3. Train & Build

We’ve already done the rundown and decided what we need to do to win. So now we will start pulling things together. Any content that needs to be placed will need to be ready to go today.

Day 4. Train & Edit

We’ll hop on a quick call in the morning to review your site together. You’ll use the visual editor to provide feedback and request changes.

Day 5. Launch

We’ll discuss the final changes and make sure things are meeting your expectations so that we can flip the switch!

2 Week Follow-up. Review

I don’t know about you, but I find that living with something for a couple weeks can give better insight into what’s working and what isn’t. So I schedule a follow-up two weeks out to get your feedback.

Website Bootcamp Classic is designed to complete your project in five(5) days. 

  1. Collaborate 
  2. Design
  3. Build
  4. Edit
  5. Launch


I understand that you may not have three consecutive days to devote to meeting – you are busy doing your thing, after all. That said, Website Bootcamp is designed to last no longer than 2 weeks – total.  Barring a major setback, that is the absolute longest timeline that my team and I will devote to actively developing this type of project. 

If you are unable to stand by that kind of time commitment then Bootcamp is not for you.  Consider signing up for a planning meeting so that we can discuss your needs and explore a more long-term working relationship.

You can view the full Website Bootcamp Mutual Agreement below – as a matter of fact you have to agree to it to get started, but let’s have a quick review of the pertinent information. 

  1. When you schedule a Website Bootcamp Collaboration Meeting, you are confirming that you are authorized to enter into an agreement on behalf of the named business that we’re discussing ing the meeting.
    * I know you might be multi-passionate, but those other businesses will need their own collaboration, etc…and fees.
  2. I, Rahgna J. Lewis, agree that I have the expertise applicable to perform the tasks associated with Website Bootcamp. I am also authorized to make decisions on behalf of RJ Lewis Digital.
  3. My team and I will make every endeavor to protect the confidentiality of the information that you provide regarding your business concerns.
  4. Each Website Bootcamp has a very clear timeline. It is up to both of us to make sure that the work gets done within the budgeted time.
    • I will make every effort to ensure that you have a completed project at your scheduled launch. Should your content not be available, I will use placeholder text and images to proceed with your implementation.
  5. Your Action Plan will clearly outline your design and development milestones. You agree to make every effort to provide feedback during those times.
  6. Some things are out of my control and outside of the scope of this project such as:
    • I will not agree to copy someone else’s work for you.
    • While I can help you optimize your website, I cannot literally provide you with website traffic.
    • Unless you specifically sign up for a Care & Support Plan, I will only provide content management, maintenance, and support for 30 days following your project.
    • The functionality of your website is not guaranteed forever. Technology changes … rapidly. If something that was working stops working without my involvement, I will not fix it for free.
  7. All Website Bootcamp Discovery Session meetings require a non-refundable 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due on launch day.
  8. Once your final payment has cleared ownership is assigned as follows:
    • You own the graphics and other visual elements created for this project. Please store them safely and securely.
    • You own text content, photographs and other data you provided unless someone else owns them.
    • I retain the rights for any code that I created on your behalf for this project.
  9. Software licenses purchased on your behalf are your responsibility and most often incur a monthly or annual subscription. These will be clearly documented in your brand HQ workspace.
  10. This agreement is not transferrable to other parties.
  11. This agreement is governed by the applicable legal authority of the State of Virginia.

When you schedule your Discovery Session, you will pay a non-refundable 50% deposit.

Once you have paid your deposit, even though your project might not start for a while, I go to work for you. I start customizing our project workspace (Brand HQ) and deciding the best design and display to recommend for your content.

Once our week is over, you will be expected to pay the remaining balance of the project fee.

Feel free to chat with me and get your questions answered.

Feel free to contact me Monday – Thursday between the hours of 9AM and 2PM Eastern Time