Satisfaction Strategy. n.
An audience-focused plan designed help you get found, get connected, & get paid.

Get Satisfaction.

Okay google. How do I put all this crap together?

Trying to figure it all out on your own sucks.

Are you done yet?

You already know that you wear a LOT of hats when you're the boss. . .

but what about those other awesome perks; like the metric ton of recommended software that’s supposed to help you, but seems designed to make you spend inordinately long amounts of time trying to beat it into submission.

Go figure!

The internet doesn’t seem to have the how-to on turning all these software services into a framework that just works.

Hows about the fact that you don’t actually have a plan and have pretty much just taken a bunch of disparate advice along the lines of: 

🚫 do stuff on social media; people like that

🚫 have a website; people will find it on google

🚫 put a button on your website for folks to subscribe…

🚫 Facebook will let you boost a post for cheap. 

If you saw that checklist and had any of these reactions then you are in the right place.

✅ I’m not really sure what to put on my social media.

✅ I have a website, but I don’t think people can find me on Google.

✅ Wait! Subscribe to what?  I’m not really sure where that button goes.

✅ I boosted a post and nothing really happened.

If you’ve realized that you want getting things done to work for you and provide all-around Satisfaction.

I created the Satisfaction Strategy with you in mind.

Because I believe that busy bosses need systematized solutions that help them work SMARTER and be less busy.

If you're tired of transitioning new technicians and admins because they can't translate your vision into reality. .
If you want the super secret Awesomesauce that turns buyers into fans while you sleep. .
If you would rather have status reports than 18-hour work days. . .

Cool beans, let’s have a talk about Your Satisfaction Strategy!

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