Email Marketing Bootcamp.

Get the right tools to reclaim your time, sanity & money using email!

...Promote conferences & other special events, banquets, and product launches in minutes

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What to expect.

We’re going to spend some time learning how to use and Mailchimp to get the results that you want.

A landing page is a single-focused web page that tells your audience what you want them to know. 

Together you and I are going to get to know some easy-to-use tools and make one.

Microsoft Word is awesome, but it’s the wrong tool to use if you’re communicating with people via email.

We’re going to use a free Mailchimp account to email your audience.

The webinar recording and the resource materials will be available in the future. You will also get notificatied when new content is added, or the module is updated.

One year access to a dedicated private group for information, questions and answers. My goal is to see you succeed and excel with what you’re trying to do. 

Read the lesson plan

🧭 The 5 Ps of Bootcamp.

Lesson 1. Prep

  • Introduction.
    • The biggest opportunity you've never used.
  • Take Action.
    • Your 5 Minute Punchlist
    • SMARTasks. 10 Minute Goal Setting
    • The 15 Minute 7 Day Publishing Planner

Lesson 2. Premise

  • Introduction.
    • The statement from which all others are built.
  • Take Action.
    • One-Page Business Action Plan
    • Messaging Strategy Worksheet
    • Visual Strategy Worksheet

Lesson 3. Process

  • Introduction.
    • Let's talk tech.
  • Take Action.
    • Set up your Mailchimp account

Lesson 4. Produce

  • Introduction.
    • Talk story. Share with your favorite friend.
  • Take Action.
    • Landing page content worksheet
    • Newsletter content worksheet

Lesson 5. Perform

  • Introduction.
    • Putting it all together.
  • Take Action.
    • Create your Playbook

RJ Lewis

Technology Consultant
I’m Rahgna J. Lewis. You can call me RJ – everyone does!
For almost a decade, I have worked as an entrepreneur specializing in technology integration into business processes for other entrepreneurs, enterprise, non-profits and smedium (trademark pending 🤪) businesses. I 💙 solving problems and helping people make sense of seemingly complicated technobabble. Literally the name of my newsletter [Technobabble].

The investment

Get the most out of Bootcamp if. . .

  • You saw the title and said anything along the lines of, "Uhm..what's email marketing?".
  • You're a non-technical person that wants easy-to-use ways to do it yourself
  • You've heard of email marketing, but thought it was too technical.
  • You have a subscribe box on your website and have no idea what it does.
  • You tried to promote an event on social media to less than stellar results.
  • You've ever thought that marketing sounds like it's too much work!

If you answered yes to any of those questions,
then this course is for you!

You won't get much out of this course if. . .

  • You don't have a computer or internet access

This is an online course.  It is meant to be interactive so your best experience will be from a lap, or desktop computer with good internet access. Mobile devices can be used if you just want to watch.

  • You think homework is just for kids

Seriously this webinar is only a couple of hours, so to get the most out of it there is some prep work that I expect you to do before you sign in. I will explain it all in detail – I may even throw in a video, or two, but at the end of the day you have to do the work.

  • You really don't want to learn anything new

I’m literally all about working with you to use a couple of new things. is pretty easy to use and the same goes for Mailchimp, but you still have to be willing to build your familiarity or you won’t get much from this course.