BOSS AF Implementation Support Services


BOSS AF Implementation Support Services

As a BOSS AF member, you are collaborating with RJ Lewis Digital every month on your business needs and getting a customized plan to execute and deliver the results that you want.

If you’re wondering if setting up ALL THE THINGS is the best use of your time, then you are in the right place!

Each month, our team will take on your lightweight, <$1k tasks so that you [and your team] can work in the 5-figure-plus zone!

We are talking full implementation of each and every plan, including any website development necessary to get things going at a rate that is $660 or less per month.
There’s an up to 10% discount for semi-annual and annual plan purchases.

This plan also includes up to 4 hours of

  • page/post creation,
  • newsletter publishing, and
  • graphic design for print, web, and social


A $300 value!!