Photoshop-esque Pattern Fill in Pixelmator

Using a "pattern fill" in Pixelmator is more a case of redefining terminology than a lack of functionality - coming from Adobe Photoshop can be a #PITA.

Moving away from Adobe Creative Suite programs, such as Photoshop can make you feel a lot like Linus without his security blanket.  I am a big fan of having texture accents in websites and find resources such as invaluable.  I routinely download patterns to use in my mockups and as I began to use Pixelmator more and more in my work, I found myself turning to Grand Master Google to discover the equivalent of Photoshop’s pattern fill functionality.  I found several references to a Quartz filter for adding pattern fill to the effects browser and installed that tool for my use.

A recent update to Pixelmator made the Quartz filter stop working and put me back on the hunt for tiling patterns.  Going through a list of the effects in the effects browser, i finally lighted upon the Affine & Affine Clamp layer effects.    

Yes! Lightbulb moment.


I think many of us spend quite a bit of time trying to turn Pixelmator into Photoshop..the tool of yesterday into the tool of tomorrow.  I’ve decided to stop that and actually spend more time learning to maximize the tool that I have chosen to use from now on.  

Using the tile effect is as simple as adding my pattern slice as a layer and applying the effect to that layer.


Hope this helps some other convert get it quickly.

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TTFN & Stay Safe!


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