Email Marketing Bootcamp.

How to build an event page & newsletter using Mailchimp!

...Promote conferences & other special events, banquets, and product launches in minutes

I’ve been there. You’re trying to find the best way to get information out to the people that need it.  So you created a flyer, a Facebook group, went live on Insta and blasted Twitter.  Got all the likes!  Literally all 900 of your Facebook friends put hearts and thumbs all over your posts.

. . .  which  resulted  in . . . 

No signups. 
No registrations. 
No sales. 
Absolutely zero  participation.

Not only am I going to tell you why you don’t need to do all of that.  I’m going to walk you through how to spend a few minutes and get the most impact in a live online workshop.

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What to expect.

A landing page is a single-focused web page that tells your audience what you want them to know. 

Together you and I are going to get to know some easy-to-use tools and make one.

Microsoft Word is awesome, but it’s the wrong tool to use if you’re communicating with people via email.

We’re going to use a free Mailchimp account to email your audience.

The webinar recording and the resource materials will be available in the future. You will also get notificatied when new content is added, or the module is updated.

A dedicated private group for information, questions and answers.My goal is to see you succeed and excel with what you’re trying to do. 

We’re going to spend some time learning how to use Mailchimp to get the results that you want.  If you’ve ever thought the idea of marketing was just too technical, this beginner-level course is for youUnlike recorded online courses, this webinar will be live so you can ask questions in the moment and expect to get answers as we work through the exercises together.

RJ Lewis

Technology Consultant
I’m Rahgna J. Lewis. You can call me RJ – everyone does!

For almost a decade, I have worked as an entrepreneur specializing in technology integration into business processes for other entrepreneurs, enterprise, non-profits and smedium (trademark pending 🤪) businesses. I 💙 solving problems and helping people make sense of seemingly complicated technobabble. Literally the name of my newsletter [Technobabble].

The investment

Often church leadership struggles with digital engagement because it might seem to lack the very personal nature of faith and devotion, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  I believe that nurturing online experiences for your congregation can enable a church to grow and evolve.

  • Let members submit prayer requests and even sign up to receive timely devotional messages
  • Take the first step towards offering registration for online christian education.
  • Accept volunteer sign-ups, or registration for your upcoming events.
  • Offer a landing page for sick and shut in members to engage.
  • Have a space to accept one-time and recurring tithes/donations

Start your journey today for $197.

Running a service-based business can be trying. You need resources and tools so that you can work smarter. Also, do you really trust control of your contact list to Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter? What about reaching people that don’t have social media profiles?  You’re leaving money on the table.

  • Create a landing page with your compelling offer without an inflated bottom line [read FREE – Grow your business , not your budget!]
  • Scale your audience and build your unique CRM.  
  • Onboard clients, contractors and employees with automated emails
  • Accept payments

Start your journey today for $197.

Let’s face it, the work is never done, but the load can be lighter with the right tools.  Learn how marketing can help you make RSVP follow-ups that count and scale for both internal and external use.

  • Pub events straight to inboxes.
  • Create a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that goes to work on your behalf. 
  • Keep people up to date about your upcoming fundraisers and service events,
  • For the record, people are more likely to give you money if have given you their email address.

Start your journey today for $197.

Think about your inbox.​ Now think about your social media profiles.

  • You get sales information from trusted brands where you made previous purchases in your email. 
  • You get flat out anybody that thinks you’ll listen populating your social media feeds.


  • You have full blown conversations with your actual connections in your inbox
  • You get likes and gifs from people you might not actually know in your social media feeds.

Which connection do you want to be for your customers?

Start your journey today for $197

Get the most out of Bootcamp if. . .

  • You're a non-technical person that wants easy-to-use ways to do it yourself
  • You saw the title and said anything along the lines of, "Uhm..what's email marketing?".
  • You've heard of email marketing, but thought it was too technical.
  • You have a subscribe box on your website and have no idea what it does.

If you answered yes to any of those questions,
then this course is for you!

You won't get much out of this course if. . .

  • You don't have a computer or internet access

This is an online course.  It is meant to be interactive so your best experience will be from a lap, or desktop computer with good internet access. Mobile devices can be used if you just want to watch.

  • You think homework is just for kids

Seriously this webinar is only a couple of hours, so to get the most out of it there is some prep work that I expect you to do before you sign in. I will explain it all in detail – I may even throw in a video, or two, but at the end of the day you have to do the work.

I’m not interested in this.  Just take me to RJ’s website