Many of the time consuming but necessary parts of my business have been enhanced by RJ’s input, creative ideas, and true time saving and professional solutions that have taken my business to the next level.

– Robin Blanchard, CRNA MSNA

Hi! I’m Rahgna J. Lewis. I’m a digital momentum builder!  Yup I get to help people align customer experience expectations with backend processes that just work!  B’cuz WHAT’S HAPPENING BEHIND THE SCENES IS GONNA MAKE (or break) your company BANK.

When you join the Technobalance community, you’re not going to get a bunch of ads, giveaways, spam, and trash. I share info & insights about nerdy things that make you money.  I personally like to have something good to read at the top of the week so you’ll see me in your inbox on Tuesdays…or so – don’t judge . . 🤓

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