The Small Business Blueprint

There is literally an app for everything. 🧐

Don’t get bogged down trying to wade through the minutia when you can hire me to do that for you. Time really IS money. Walk away with a detailed report on the exact setup that will solve that bottleneck you’re having and save yourself — time.

So what is a Blueprint and why do I want one?

I am so glad that you asked!

As a business & technology strategist, I research and test out what I like to call power tools so that I can help my clients decide what software is going to be the best fit for their needs and budget.


Yup, I’m a nerd – embrace it. 🤓


NOW even if you’re not already in a client relationship, you can call on me when you need information to empower your business.  When you need a software solution that is vetted and structured to fit your specific needs.

The Small Business Blueprint Process

You just need the right tools



We start the process by working on a questionnaire to get to the heart of the problem.​​


This is where you sit back and I go to work. I’ll test different solutions specific to your needs, including any software solutions that you want to know more about.


Your Blueprint Evaluation is a comprehensive development brief outlining
  • the software that you’re going to need,
  • how to get it,
  • how to use it,
  • how much it’s going to cost, and last but not least
  • how much it’s going to save you

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a consultation with some great bonuses. When the way you’ve been doing things just isn’t getting it done anymore and you want some guidance on digital solutions to fix it. 

Benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Tested product recommendations customized to fit your specific needs
  • Customized training, instructions and materials such as templates (if applicable) required for you and your team to implement those products
  • A comparison summary to see how the recommendation stacks against other solutions
  • A cost benefit analysis

The average turn around time for Blueprint reports is 8 days.  The actual time will depend on the testing phase of the process. We will schedule your Blueprint Review Meeting during our Discovery Meeting and all research will be completed by that date.

Feel free to contact me Monday – Thursday between the hours of 9AM and 2PM Eastern Time

What clients say!

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Mark Ficher