Marketing Flywheel. Isn’t that a car thing?

A well thought out strategy focused on moving your audience through marketing, sales, and service initiatives can help meet and exceed business goals.

Be it buying, clicking, reading, following…the reason that people aren’t doing what you want them to do is that you aren’t really asking them. I get it! It truly is the best and worst of times around these parts.

You want customers to

  • follow you on social media,
  • subscribe to your list,
  • buy your products and services,
  • buy your other products and services, and
  • leave stellar reviews and feedback

That’s a lot of competing goals. Strategy matters.

Let’s stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and get to work on your business flywheel.

Isn’t that a car thing?

The term marketing flywheel has lately been applied to businesses trying to unify their brand position in a way that intentionally moves their audience through the marketing, sales, and service processes – hence me calling it the business flywheel, not the marketing flywheel, semantics; I know. It’s a shift from the traditional “funnel” mindset that generally had marketing efforts and sales efforts at-odds and shoved service into an afterthought. Every part of the flywheel concept is designed to make your business interaction into a rotating sphere that generates its own energy by attracting, engaging and delighting your customers throughout.

Back to your flywheel

So how do we deal with all these seemingly competing goals? Easy! Instead of throwing all these different messages at people, “buy, like, subscribe, me please!” We turn that unwieldy campaign into initiatives by taking a walk in one of our audience member’s shoes! Ideal customer, target audience, or as I like to call it your brand bestie โ€“ doesn’t matter. The salient point here is that dialing into this person that is tailor-made for what you’re doing will allow you to create your customer journey so grab your notebook and ask yourself these questions!


Your strategy needs to start here. Whatever the awareness queues are, build them up and put them to work for you. So step one is to figure out what’s dropping your BB into your flywheel in the first place.

  • Where do they come from? Think about how your Brand Bestie finds out about your business. Is it a partner website, word of mouth, social media, ads…pick one. You’re only working for one person right now.


This is most often where things derail because you might feel pressure to be EVERYwhere. Don’t do that! It will most likely result in you not really showing up and showing out anywhere. Concentrate on creating a solid content strategy where it would make the most waves and dig in.

โš ๏ธOne caveat. If email marketing isn’t apart of the mix, start there. Trust me, you need it.

But all of my customers are on [insert platform here].

Thing is; you don’t own those platforms. If Instabook and Linkedterest closed their doors tomorrow, how would you communicate your BB? โ†๐Ÿ’กExaaclty! Now let’s strategize.

  • What do they want? Does your Brand Bestie read your blog, watch your videos, or follow you on social media to get a better handle on what you do?


Conversion is deeply rooted in your singular, primary goal, be it more social media follows, more email subscribers, better engagement, or actual buying decisions.

  • Where do they want to go? Your engagement strategy is akin to making your brand an awesome friend helping them achieve their goals. You’re walking on the yellow brick road and tackling the obstacles right alongside them.
    1. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
    2. Oh, I’ve made a new friend and they’re going to help me!
    3. We’re off to see the wizard!

Okay, we’ve followed that yellow brick road and we’re headed to see the intrepid wizard. You might be tempted to think that this is only going to end in tears because you saw the movie and you know that dude’s a fraud, there’s a green chick trying to kill you, and this analogy feels like it’s going off the rails!

Bring it back in, because this is where aligning your goals with your audience impact is key. Your Brand Bestie, Dorothy over there, doesn’t actually want to see the wizard.

Tell me what she wants, what she really really wants? (I have no shame, Spice Girls were awesome)

Dorothy really just wants to go home and was told that the wizard was the best, most expedient way to get there. The internet is really great at misinformation and as such your job is to be the kind of friend that is brave, smart, caring, and knowledgeable. Help a sistah skip the rigamarole and trauma – she will thank you and tell her girls you’re awesome! Makes for a much shorter movie, but this isn’t a movie; it’s your business.๐Ÿ˜œ Each initiative should have all of the power moves geared towards your goal. You can and should have multiple initiatives going, but KISS is applicable here โ† Keep It Simple, Seriously ๐Ÿค“ – sidenote: I’m not much for calling people stupid, we’ve all got a place in this world.

ANYWAYS there are a bazillion marketing and sales resources that will tell you that you need “x” number of interactions with a person before they convert. I don’t drink that Kool-Aid, because my Brand Bestie, Jean, converted on day one when she encountered my brand and I asked her to follow me on Facebook. She converted again when I said, “Hey Jean, I’ve got an email newsletter, do you want to read it?”. Jean converts again and again and again because we’re friends and she knows, likes, and trusts, her. some. me.!

What are you going to do for Dorothy?

  1. Decide who Dorothy really is.
  2. Figure out what Dorothy wants. It’s okay to just ask. She’s your Brand Bestie. She’s just waiting to drink your Kool-Aid.
  3. Help Dorothy find the best, most expedient way home.
  4. Automate the effe outta this process so that Dorothy (and her friends) have an even shorter movie next time. I’m talking move the house before the tornado, next-level stuff.

You’ve got this!

If you have any questions about figuring out Dorothy, you can ask me anytime. Click, “Help Me!” up in the top bar and we’ll have a chat. ‘Kay?

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TTFN & Stay Safe!


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