Finding your niche. What, like it’s hard!?

Do you know who your people are and how you inspire them? This week on technobalance, we're going to explore that.

Who are your people?

You’ve [ONLY] got 30 seconds – Go πŸŽ‰

Have you ever heard that you should be niching down in your business? If that didn’t really make sense to you β€” you are not alone.

The first time I heard that my knee-jerk reaction was to be like, “Anybody who owns a business could really use a web developer – so EVERYBODY!” Why would I limit myself!?

Good question, past-self. I’ll tell you! ← 🀫 Psst . . . hindsight really is 2020 (😝 Get it!?)

Let’s talk about why “I can help anybody!does not sound even remotely smexy.

Even large, widely popular brands like Nike recognize that, while the vast majority of people have feet, it does not automatically mean that everyone is their target market. Knowing that and leaning into making athletic gear for athletic people hasn’t stopped them from selling apparel for aspiring athletes, stroller moms who like to walk, and even their babies. It also hasn’t stopped them from achieving a net worth of $19 billion.

The moral of this story? You don’t need to spin your wheels trying to sell everyone when you can’t go wrong selling the right things to the right folks at the right time.

A little bit of knowledge goes a long long way – so let’s get an understanding

According to a 2019 advocacy report from the SBA, there are approximately 30.7 billion small businesses in the US.

Another fun fact?

There are 168 hours in a week.

Knowing my past-self pretty darn well, I know sista girl IS NOT clocking all of that time building websites. While it is also true that approximately 500,000 businesses fail each year, that number is still not enough to make everyone your go-to answer.

If Nike can’t serve all of everyone and there’s only one of little ole me…how am I going to make even half that many websites? The answer is I’m not. I can’t. And neither can you. Now that we’ve spelled this out in math, think about it. Do you really want to? Did you go into business for yourself to serve all the people all of the time, or was it to make money doing something that works for you?

NOW we’re going to talk about why trying to serve your people can be SUPER SMEXY!

Finding your niche is not about being able to say things like, “I’m a wedding planner for people who like wild-west themed weddings!”. It’s more the act of finding your people and even better; the ability to let them know that you are their people and they’re in the right place. So instead of asking, “What’s my niche?” and trying to pull a rabbit out of thin air. Come at this scenario from the perspective of The Pleasure Principle. Who’d be most likely to put something unpleasant behind them by buying what you have to offer? Think about that single person and what makes your offer their top priority. You already have the cure, now what is the cause and who has that particular ailment.

Why does it even matter?

A little backstory . . . After having been actively working as a web developer for almost 10 years, I started networking with a great group called Two Twelve Referral Network. There’s a section in each and every meeting called the 30 Second Profile. This is your genius moment. Your mini-spotlight to explain what you offer and more importantly who needs it

What we learn through trial-by-fire is how to be clear and concise about what we bring to the table.

Anybody who needs a website,” is a toxic statement [read vague and unhelpful] because it doesn’t trigger any lightbulb moments for your team to recall as they interact with their networks.

You. Have. 30. Seconds.
We're all busy bosses. Ain't nobody got time to brainstorm for you because you fail to be intentional about your purpose.

What I’ve found to be true is that the 30-second profile is an excellent challenge for life as an entrepreneur, because your customers are also busy. Interpersonally, you really do only have 30 seconds to get attention, declare your value, and make an impression. In the digital space, you have even less time – like up to 8 seconds. 🧐

The first pillar of Boss Level Biz – the group mastermind that helps Boss Entrepreneurs (+ their teams πŸ˜‰) design money-making systems – encourages members to Establish a strong foundational message that informs every aspect of a synergistic, conversion-focused brand!

In case you haven’t heard – Boss Level Biz is open for enrollment this July!

Hit me in the chat box if you have any questions and I’ll tell you all about it!

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TTFN & Stay Safe!


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