When you're new to the digital space, there's a LOT of conflicting information on how to "Do business". . .

Are you ready to make money-moves with confidence & clarity?

Let’s co-create your most engaging and intentional digital experience!  Walk away with all the dots connected and the information that you need to go to werk.

Okay google. How do I put all this crap together?

Trying to figure it all out on your own sucks!

and the internet doesn’t seem to have the how-to on turning all these software services into a platform that just works. . . 

Are you done yet?

My mission is to empower smart entrepreneurs just like you with business development that has just the right amount of technobalance. Let’s strategize, optimize, integrate, & automate your business plan.

If you’ve realized that you want the all-around Satisfaction of knowing sh!t just works.

I created the Boss Level VIP Sessions with you in mind.

Because I believe that busy bosses need systematized solutions that move people from
Interested →  Invested →  Inspired

Are you a busy boss?

Get a Jumpstart on your digital user experience!
The plan that you’re looking for to

Be Less Busy!

  • If you're tired of transitioning new technicians and admins because they can't translate your vision into reality. .​
  • If you want the super secret Awesomesauce that turns buyers into fans while you sleep. . ​
  • If you would rather have status reports than 18-hour work days. . .​

Cool beans!

Book your 1st appointment below and let’s have a talk about your business!

Are you fraggravated with having an online presence and not an online business?

Then this is the program for you!

How does this program work?

  • Let's have a chat
    Schedule a 90-minute meeting during which we will discuss your goals, your audience, what your business is doing online, & what you'd like to be doing online.
  • Get the solution
    Following our session, I'm going to provide you with the recording + a detailed written action plan
    • The marketing, sales, & service solutions that will generate revenue for your brand,
    • The step-by-step guide to optimized audience engagement and segmentation for your business,
    • An estimate of the investment that you will need to plan for, &
    • Access to myself and my team for questions and follow-up
  • Schedule your three [3] 40-minute implementation sessions at-wil
    You've got the power! My goal is to help you create an online business that just works.
    There is a catch though. . .
    🧐You have to get started and you have to be ready to work. So let's go!
RJ is a master of so many web and technical skills. She has been a part of my business from day one. In fact, RJ is responsible for my logo that I am so proud of. If I were to highlight one of RJ's strongest assets in my business currently it would be her ability to help me solve business challenges through technology integration. I can call her up, state an issue and within days she has come up with a way to solve the problem so I don't have to touch it again. It doesn't get better than that!
Sana Rasul
CEO & Founder, HR Girlfriends

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