When you're new to the digital space, there's a LOT of conflicting information on how to "Do business". . .

Are you ready to make money-moves with confidence & clarity?

Let’s co-create your most engaging and intentional digital experience!  Walk away with all the dots connected and the information that you need to go to werk.

Clickfunnels Squarespace Convertkit Zoom Facebook Google Analytics Learndash Paypal Pinterest WP Complete Hubspot Webinar Jam Instagram Elementor Zoho Stripe Active Campaign Cartflows Wordpress Crowdcast Messenger bots? Thinkific Drip Quickbooks Kajabi Mailchimp FB Groups Intercom Wix Thrivecart Square Infusionsoft Youtube Constant Contact Xero Teachable LinkedIn Facebook Pixels Drift Woocommerce Fathom Analytics Gravityforms

Okay google. How do I put all this crap together?

Trying to figure it all out on your own sucks!

and the internet doesn’t seem to have the how-to on turning all these software services into a platform that just works. . . 

Are you done yet?

My mission is to empower smart entrepreneurs just like you with business development that has just the right amount of technobalance. Let’s strategize, optimize, integrate, & automate your business plan.

If you’ve realized that you want the all-around Satisfaction of knowing sh!t just works.

I created the Boss Level VIP Sessions with you in mind.

Because I believe that busy bosses need systematized solutions that move people from
Interested →  Invested →  Inspired

You are a boss building something AMAZING that’s YOURS. Let me set up your company up for successful growth so you can stay in your ZONE OF GENIUS.

Cool beans!

Sign up below and let’s have a talk about your business!

Are you fraggravated with having an online presence and not an online business?

Then this is the program for you!

How does this program work?

  • Let's have a chat
    Schedule a 90-minute meeting during which we will discuss your goals, your audience, what your business is doing online, & what you’d like to be doing online.
  • Get the solution
    Following our session, I’m going to provide you with the recording + a detailed written action plan
    • An action program that clearly details the business experience that you envision,
    • The step-by-step guide to optimized people, processes, & power tools that’ll align your vision,
    • An analysis of the investment that you will need to plan for, &
    • Access to myself and my team for questions and follow-up
  • Schedule your three [3] 40-minute implementation sessions at-will
    You’ve got the power! My goal is to help you create an online business that just works.
    There is a catch though. . .
    🧐You have to get started and you have to be ready to work. So let’s go!
    Depending on the plan that you choose, my minions, UH HEM – I mean 🦸🏾‍♀️ valuable teammates stand ready to repel gremlins and propel your business flywheel for you! 🎉
RJ is a master of so many web and technical skills. She has been a part of my business from day one. In fact, RJ is responsible for my logo that I am so proud of. If I were to highlight one of RJ's strongest assets in my business currently it would be her ability to help me solve business challenges through technology integration. I can call her up, state an issue and within days she has come up with a way to solve the problem so I don't have to touch it again. It doesn't get better than that!
Sana Rasul
CEO & Founder, HR Girlfriends

Are you Ready?