What every busy boss realizes when work is just too much. . .work

The Most Unsexy Part Of Your Business – your company's operations (i.e. its backend) – is what ACTUALLY increases the money rolling in

Marketing and sales are fun and sexy. I get it, I do.


Are your systems making you money?

Wanna know how thriving companies do what they do?

ALIGNED AF backend systems that support their GROWTH.

My full name is Rahgna J. Lewis. It’s pronounced rah-guh-nah with a g-as-in-gum, but DON’T FREAK OUT because you can call me RJ. For more than a decade, I’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes design and optimize their customer experience, product delivery systems, technology stacks, marketing playbooks, knowledge management, and collaborative processes and spaces.

Listen: whatever your current situation; know this – YOU πŸ‘πŸΎ AREπŸ‘πŸΎ KILLIN’ IT! And I LOVE THAT😍

But I want to help you do even BETTER.

I help entrepreneurs like you grow their business with the BOSS AF Support Community.



n. Business Operating System Strategy Alignment Framework.Β 


When you hire me, I peek at the digital systems you use to deliver your programs, communicate with teams, organize workflow, onboard staff, and convert lurkers to clients and I ALIGN ALL THESE SYSTEMS so you and your company can flourish.

What people say!

RJ Lewis Digital helped streamline my business so that I am now connecting with my patients more professionally and intimately than ever before.
Many of the time consuming but necessary parts of my business have been enhanced by RJ’s input, creative ideas and true time saving and professional solutions that has taken my business to the next level.
RJ is absolutely awesome. She helped me during a time of transition in my business. Someone you can trust and someone who is very knowledgeable and skilled in web design. Oh, and she’s very professional and an all around nice person. Hard to find those these days. A real gem.
I cannot say enough good things about RJ Lewis Digital. Not only did she help me get my site up and running – something I had been struggling with for months – but she TAUGHT me how to do it. She saw my vision and understood what I wanted even though I didn’t explain it well and she helped me create that vision with the utmost patience.
​​Thanks to RJ, I’m using Mailchimp to power my subscription-based website support desk and loving it! She integrated it with my site and made up the system for Woocommerce and saved my brain. RJ should teach this stuff to other people because she just gets it.

Together we’ll identify the following and then I’ll turn the efficiency of your systems up to 11.

  • Are you delivering your programs in the best way possible?
  • How are you showing social proof?
  • How are you converting lurkers to customers and WHERE does that happen? (hint, it may not be where you think!)
  • How are you using systems to turn one-time customers into fawning REPEAT customers?
  • What systems are you using to measure how happy/unhappy your customers are?
  • How are you keeping track of internal and external deadlines so you never get that gross sinking feeling again?
  • How is your team communicating with each other and how is that communication set up so you see (only) what you NEED TO KNOW?

You are a boss building something AMAZING that’s YOURS!

With my programs, you will:

  • Know EXACTLY what’s going on with your customers/clients.
  • Save time and money with infrastructure that works FOR you, &
  • Work so SMARTER that Scrooge McDuck will come to you for tips.

Are you ready to connect the dots & Boss Level up?