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RJ is a master of so many web and technical skills. She has been a part of my business from day one. In fact, RJ is responsible for my logo that I am so proud of. If I were to highlight one of RJ’s strongest assets in my business currently it would be her ability to help me solve business challenges through technology integration. I can call her up, state an issue and within days she has come up with a way to solve the problem so I don’t have to touch it again. It doesn’t get better than that!
I recently participated in RJ’s Website Bootcamp. I found the organizing worksheet that she gave early on to be incredibly helpful in collecting my thoughts and overall goals for creating my website. She did a really good job of matching the design to my tastes, and I feel like the final product seems very “me” and not a generic site. RJ was really easy with accepting edits and changes, and she was great about vocalizing strategic reasons for placing things “here” instead of “there” that I had never considered. I appreciate her expertise! I am sooooo pleased with how my website turned out and really appreciate RJ’s expertise and guidance.
I cannot say enough good things about RJ Lewis Digital. Not only did she help me get my site up and running – something I had been struggling with for months – but she TAUGHT me how to do it. She saw my vision and understood what I wanted even though I didn’t explain it well and she helped me create that vision with the utmost patience.
Thanks to RJ Lewis! Within a few minutes I went from being online marketing plan clueless to having a specific plan of how to attack the world of landing pages. RJ was helpful, timely, patient, and shared her resources and wisdom! It so much easier to do business when you know you have folks with expertise in the area that you are weak! I would highly recommend her services and I look forward to working with her in the future!
RJ is absolutely awesome. She helped me during a time of transition in my business. Someone you can trust and someone who is very knowledgeable and skilled in web design. Oh, and she’s very professional and an all around nice person. Hard to find those these days. A real gem.

Every business comes with its own unique challenges. When it comes to strategic solutions, one size does not fit all. A plan that is customized to your needs will make your life easier!

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