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When you’re an entrepreneur, there’s a lot of [conflicting] information about tech tools that “grow your business” & “Six Steps That Made Somebody a SIX FIGURE CEO

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Empower YOU to be THE SIX FIGURE CEO by stepping up to a Business Operating System Strategy aligned with your business needs and your strengths.

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Let me guess. . . you’re killing it in your comfort zone, but struggling to convert those browsers, likes, & follows into buyers that pay without you being SO involved in the process. .?  So let’s embrace, empower & enhance your vision by co-creating a platform that just works!

Want to automagic your Brand Bestie from interested to invested to inspired while You do YOU!?
There are three count ’em, three ways that I can help you fix this so read on →


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My website and its content were very important to me. I struggled to position my business online and was overwhelmed with the task of building my website myself.
I needed to work with someone who could take my business and translate that into a comprehensive website.
I enjoyed presenting my ideas to RJ and her immediately having a way to present it to my clients and potential clients.
I found that by talking through what my business was, I was able to have a more focused approach and outlook. I hope to see a strong unified presence online that is now paired with a strong Google presence, also thanks to RJ.
I recently participated in RJ’s Website Bootcamp. I found the organizing worksheet that she gave early on to be incredibly helpful in collecting my thoughts and overall goals for creating my website. She did a really good job of matching the design to my tastes, and I feel like the final product seems very “me” and not a generic site. RJ was really easy with accepting edits and changes, and she was great about vocalizing strategic reasons for placing things “here” instead of “there” that I had never considered. I appreciate her expertise! I am sooooo pleased with how my website turned out and really appreciate RJ’s expertise and guidance.
RJ is absolutely awesome. She helped me during a time of transition in my business. Someone you can trust and someone who is very knowledgeable and skilled in web design. Oh, and she’s very professional and an all around nice person. Hard to find those these days. A real gem.

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Finding your niche. What, like it’s hard!?
Can people Google your business?

Every business comes with its own unique challenges. When it comes to strategic solutions, one size does not fit all. A plan that is customized to your needs will make your life easier!

Think about your customers. What do they need?

They want to interact with you!
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What Makes Your Business Tick?

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